Toilet paper, towels, handkerchiefs and paper napkins all together constitute a powerful team in defense of hygiene, cleanliness and comfort and, precisely for this reason, they have become essential. In fact, all tissue-related products play an important role in promoting hygiene, preventing the spread of germs, bacteria, viruses and diseases.

The United States-based Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 80% (yes, you got it right) of infections are transmitted through the hands. Frequently washing your hands, therefore, is a practice that, in addition to being very simple, is the most effective for avoiding the spread of the virus and protecting one’s own and others’ health. Germs are everywhere and move using the dust particles as transport pods and explore the environment until they find an ideal place to proliferate and multiply. Fortunately, most of these germs are harmless but some of them are carriers of diseases such as colds, conjunctivitis or common intestinal influences. According to experts, to considerably reduce the risk of infection, it is sufficient to wash your hands every time you leave the toilet or handle food. Simple and clear! In short, dummies proof!

Particularly important, then, is the drying of the hands as bacteria need water to proliferate. A report published by the Mayo Clinic Proceedings shows how, from a purely hygienic point of view, paper towels are clearly superior to hot air hand dryers and are therefore strongly recommended in all those places where hygiene is essential. such as hospitals and clinics. Many studies have found that friction is an important key during hand drying to remove any possible contamination.